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Dec 6, 2013 2:00am PST
when he spoke out against apartheid. for president obama, nelson mandela was a personal hero and personal idol who struggled his earliest ambitions. >> i am one of the first who grew inspiration from nelson mandela's life. my first political action, the first thing i ever did that involved an issue of policy or politics was a protest against apartheid. >> reporter: they met in person only briefly in 2005 before obama became president. the two leaders, each standing in history as the first black president of his nation, spoke occasionally by phone. president obama penned the forward for mandela's 2010 memoir "conversations with myself." he wrote his example helped awakened me to the wider world and the obligation that we all have to stand up for what is right. through his choices, mandela made it clear that we did not have to accept the world as it is, take we could do our part to seek the world as it should be. when president obama visited south africa this summer, mandela was so ill, the two were unable to meet. still mandela's inspiration played large during the president's tri
Dec 10, 2013 2:00am PST
a very respectable cheer from the crowd. you see the anguished faces of the mandela family. eventually we will start to hear the tributes and hear from the family members. we will hear from president zuma and president obama. a huge cheer went up when the chinese vice president came in. i think he is here representing china. the chinese have invested so much in africa. >> all across south africa. >> they have taken over if not taken over u.s. influence in the investment here. >> from a foreign policy perspective this country and much of africa has been turning east and they are very acutely aware for themselves that the financial and diplomatic clout that they look to in the future comes from china. >> one person not here is the dalai lama. government here said they didn't have time to process his visa basically. the real reason is they didn't want to insult china. >> that has happened before because the dalai lama was also defected from going to his 80th celebration a few years ago. the authorities have used this excuse essentially of visa processing to avoid a rather stic
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
including president obama and the first lady. we will have much more honoring nelson mandela coming up. >>> then a live "new day" exclusive a man who fell asleep on a flight. that's not unusual. we have all done it. then he woke up alone on a cold dark plane after it had landed and was trapped nearly an hour. it was locked. really. how does this happen today? we will talk to him and figure it out. >> a great question. i can't wait to see what he says about that! >> i'm concerned now. now i'm never going to sleep on a plane! >> you have to sit next to me and poke me! >> thanks, kate. >>> time for our morning rhyme. kate said there is a big, big storm out there today! today's tweet comes from franco franco francois. watching you makes my morning bright. please, will you drive my sleigh tonight? >> you got it! we will. >> i love that one. kudos to you, francois. you can all come up with your own morning rhyme. tweet us with the following hash tags any day of the week. >> i didn't even commit to this today. >> inadequate you feel? >> yes. >> i think that is the word you're looking for. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3